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Hi, my name is Jeremy Fail.

I'm a CSIS Student at SLCC, and both a web and desktop software developer.

I enjoy hanging out with friends, going camping with my family, writing programs, working on my websites, playing video games, and playing the piano and organ.


I am currently working on an Associate's of Science degree in Computer Science at Salt Lake Community College. I plan to get a Bachelor's degree once I complete my AS.

During my time at SLCC, I have found a passion in programming. While I am not as skilled at web-development as I am at desktop-based programming, I still enjoy it and love to showcase my work.

When I'm not at at school, I'm working at Sprouts Farmers Market as the Administrative Coordinator, where I am the head of the Human Resources Department for my store. I manage all of the store finances, payroll, hiring, and other HR tasks. While this is not what I want to do as my career, I thoroughly enjoy my job, and strive to always do my best.

I have been playing the piano since I was 6 and the organ since I was 13. I love to play in my free time, although these days I don't have a lot of that.

CSIS 2440 Reflection
My time in Jeff Stone's Class

I have really enjoyed my time in CSIS 2440 with Jeff Stone! I had taken CSIS 1430 from him in the summer of 2017, and thoroughly enjoyed his teaching style. This was actually my fifth class with him (believe it or not), and if he teaches anymore classes that are on my degree-path, I will definitely take them from him! I was actually not originally planning on taking more web development classes, however when I saw that Jeff was teaching CSIS 2440 this semester, I was super excited and decided to take it as he was teaching it. Then after speaking with an academic advisor, I'm glad I did, as it turns out the Bachelor's degree actually requires this class, so I'm glad I took it now rather than later!

When I started learning web development in 2017, I didn't know much when it came to programming. However, since then, I have taken CSIS 1340, 1400, 1410, and 2410, so my experience has grown and I have a deeper understanding for programming in general. This semester as we learned PHP, I was able to use concepts that I had previously learned in Java, C#, and even JavaScript, and apply them to my PHP programming. Once you know one language, I've found that it's quite a bit easier to learn a new one. Most of the general concepts are still there, it's just syntax and code structure that changes from language to language. I'm sure there are languages out there that take more getting used to, but I've found that in general, you can usually pick up these differences pretty quickly.

This semester it was fun to learn how to connect to a database. Having previously taken CSIS 1550, I had some experience with MySQL. However I hadn't actually used it practically (i.e. in a real-world application) yet. Being able to use that knowledge and apply it to something I can use in the real world was incredibly useful, and also kind of fun. I will admit that it was challenging as well, as we all had to do some messing around to get it to work properly. I kept running into errors and problems with some of the functions not doing what I wanted them to! Ultimately though, I was able to get them working and I think my projects turned out nicely.

I was also able to use a couple new CSS Frameworks this semester that I had not used previously (namely Bootstrap and Materialize). They were not taught in the class, but I chose them for a couple reasons. Firstly, Bootstrap is very popular, and secondly, I have recently become interested in Google's Material Design language and thought the Materialize framework would make it easier to make a Material design website (which I was correct about). I enjoyed taking that extra step to learn the basics of these CSS Frameworks, and I hope to use them in the future as well, as I think they will be extremely useful.

Overall, I hope I can use the new things I have learned in the future. In fact, I know I will be able to, as I plan to use PHP on some of my other websites that I develop. I plan to also learn ASP and JSP at some point, which are both back-end server-side languages (Microsoft and Oracle's respectively), and I hope my knowledge of PHP will help me learn them.

Click the images below to see examples of my work from this semester

Music Database Screenshot Music Database

A list of my favorite music albums. Made with PHP multi-dimensional arrays.

Data Validation Screenshot Data Validation

A form that processes and validates data using PHP and RegEx.

Insecure Login Screenshot Insecure Login

A login form that uses a text file to validate and process login information.

Less-Insecure Login Screenshot Less-Insecure Login

A login form that uses a hashed database to validate and process login information. Also allows new user registration.

Web Poll Survey Screenshot Web Poll Survey

A fun survey with results stored in a database.

Palindrome Database Screenshot Palindromes

A database application used to see different Palindromes (words that are the same backwards as they are forwards).

Past Assignments
Click the images below to see examples of my work from CSIS 1430

(Or Click HERE to visit the site now.)
Little Boxes Pacman Screenshot
Mad Libs Screenshot
Guessing Game Screenshot
Tic-Tac-Toe Screenshot
Failproof Wiki (Midterm) Screenshot
Failproof Pizza Screenshot
HTML5 Canvas Example
A moving Pac-Man using HTML5 Canvas

Hint: Try clicking the canvas window a few times!

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